Here are some simple ways to reduce the cost of phone, heat and hydro to save a bundle:

Published 29 December 15 01:51 PM

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Utility Costs


Many homeowners think there’s not much they can do about telephone, heating, water and other utility expenses. Sure, you may grumble about a high heating bill one month, but what can you do about it?


Turns out, you can do plenty. There are several ways to reduce monthly utility costs that can save you tens or even hundreds of dollars. For example:


·       Shop around for a better phone plan. Then contact your phone company. They might match the rates.


·       Turn down the thermostat on your water heater. You likely don’t need tap water to be that hot.


·       Clean the screen on your outside air conditioning unit regularly. (Gently with the water hose.) Dirt and leaves can build up on it, reducing the unit’s efficiency.


·       Leverage the sun. Open curtains in the winter to gain heat. Block direct sunlight in summer to keep the cool air inside.


·       Scrutinize your bill. There may be extras you’re paying for that you don’t need.


·       Play with the thermostat. Experiment with setting the temperature a couple of degrees lower. You might not notice any difference.


It’s worth paying attention to your utility costs. Just a few smart moves can save you some serious money.



Kim Hardie 

RE/MAX Saskatoon 


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